for improving the quality of your life.

GYM 24/7

To provide our residents with the top quality living conditions, we have a specially designed SPA and WELLNESS zone within the complex, which is only available to apartment owners. The relaxation zone allows you to keep your body in the best shape and if you exercise regularly, there is a fully equipped gym that is open 24 hours a day.


If you like to enjoy the scent of the sea throughout the year, you can revitalize your body in a salt room or relax in a special bed made of Himalayan salt, which increases skin hydration, eliminates cellulite and helps the body to achieve balance.


If you want to relieve tension and cleanse the body of toxins, harmful substances and boost your immune system, our saunas are designed to the highest world standards, as is our hamam in which you will be treated like royalty, combining the effects of natural sea salt and essential oils, which work together to restore the body.


Following the latest world trends in the world of wellbeing, the Zepterme complex offers a one-of-a-kind therapy in our country called floating therapy. This therapy, which simulates floating on water, will make you feel as if you are in a warm, non-gravitational atmosphere, which acts to awaken in us a sensation and a surge of positive energy, improve concentration and eliminate toxins from the body.


The Zepterme complex has special massage rooms that offer different types of massages, from relaxation, partial, anti-cellulite and sports to anti-stress, shia, royal massages, foot reflexology, massages with volcanic stones and chocolate, etc. The massage centre also offers specialized treatments for face and body based on customer needs.


The SPA and WELLNESS zone also has a hot tub (Jacuzzi) which is ideal for muscle relaxation and relieving stiffness. Or you can relax in a quiet room, lying on the beds that are heated between 37-39 degrees Celsius.

The Spa and Wellness zone also has changing rooms and showers to round off the enjoyment. The visitors can also consult our staff or ask for their assistance at any time.